Wedding Photography Packages in Derbyshire

Welcome to the heart of the action – our Pricing Page! At Kuva Wedding Photography, we believe in making your journey of capturing precious moments as delightful as the memories themselves. Here, you’ll find our wedding photography packages tailored just for you in Chesterfield, Derbyshire and South Yorkshire.

Unlocking Smiles, Not Safes: Our Photography Packages & Pricing.

No mysteries, no surprises – just transparent pricing that won’t play hide and seek. We’re all about bringing your dream wedding photos within reach without breaking the piggy bank. So, grab a cuppa, get comfy, and let’s explore the perfect package for your unforgettable day.

Why Kuva Wedding Photography is The Perfect Choice

Complimentary engagement photoshoot and benefit from the expertise of two photographers on your wedding day, all at no extra charge.

engagement benefit

Free Engagement Photo Shoot £350

We’re thrilled to offer a complimentary Engagement Photo Shoot with every package. It’s also a chance to get comfy in front of the lens, explore stunning locations, and create memories that’ll make your heart skip a beat.

Reason one

Natural Documentary style Photography

No endless posing, we capture all the candid moments without dominating your day.

quick delivery

Get Your Wedding Gallery Quick

The vast majority of our wedding galleries are delivered within a month, We also provide some sneak peak photos within the first few days after your wedding.

Extra Photographer

Free Second Photographer worth £300

A second Photographer is included in our full and half day packages meaning we can see to both wedding parties in the morning so you don’t have to compromise on those awesome getting ready pictures. 

Full Day Wedding Pricing

Full Day

Upto 11 hours coverage
£ 1299
  • Unlimited coverage with 2 photographers
  • Approx 8-11 hours
  • Online Gallery (12 months access) with your fully edidted images (typically minimum of 500)
  • Beautiful bespoke USB in wooden box with your edited images
Wedding Photography Packages

Half Day

Upto 6 hours coverage
£ 999
  • Unlimited coverage with 2 photographers
  • Approx 5-6 hours
  • Online Gallery (12 months access) with your fully edited images (typically minimum of 300)
  • Beautiful bespoke USB in wooden box with your edited images
Micro Wedding Pricing

Micro Day

Upto 3 hours coverage
£ 550
  • Approx 2-3 hours
  • Online Gallery (12 months access) with your fully edited images
  • Beautiful bespoke USB in wooden box with your edited images

Complimentary £350 Engagement Photo Shoot with Half Day & Full Day Packages

Join us on a journey to capture the heartwarming moments of your love story with Kuva Wedding Photography! We’re all about keeping it real and genuine. Our awesome team is here to snap up every little detail, making sure your special day is as unique as your love. Take your pick from our laid-back half day, full day and videography packages, and guess what? We’re throwing in a cool engagement shoot worth £350 RRP for free! Let’s create some magical memories together and tell your love story the way it deserves to be told.

What packages come with two photographers?

Our full day and half day wedding photography packages come with the special inclusion of two photographers, ensuring that every significant moment of your big day is captured from multiple angles and perspectives. This dual-photographer approach allows us to create a comprehensive and diverse collection of images, providing you with a more detailed and memorable visual narrative of your wedding.

However, please note that our micro wedding package, designed for more intimate celebrations, is an exception to this rule. While it still offers exceptional coverage, it includes the services of a single photographer to perfectly suit the scale and dynamics of smaller events.

We believe that having two photographers for our standard wedding packages enhances the overall quality of your wedding album, providing you with a richer and more complete representation of your special day.

To secure your wedding date and our photography services, we require a £200 booking fee. This non-refundable deposit is a commitment to reserve our professional services exclusively for your special day. The booking fee ensures that our team is dedicated to capturing the unique moments of your wedding.

By submitting the £200 deposit, you are taking the crucial step of securing our availability for your chosen date.

We understand the excitement of reliving your special day through the photographs, and we strive to deliver your edited images promptly. On average, our editing process takes approximately 8 weeks. However, please note that this is a maximum timeframe, and in many cases, we are able to provide the edited images much sooner.

Our dedicated team works diligently to ensure that the editing process is thorough and that the final collection reflects the uniqueness of your wedding day. Factors such as the complexity of the editing and the volume of images captured may influence the timeline, but rest assured, we make every effort to deliver your images promptly without compromising on quality.

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we craft a stunning collection of memories that you’ll cherish for a lifetime. If you have specific concerns or require expedited delivery, please feel free to discuss this with us, and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

The final payment for our photography services is due no later than 30 days before your wedding day. We understand that wedding planning involves careful budgeting and coordination, so we’ve set this deadline to ensure all financial aspects are settled well in advance, allowing you to focus on the joyous moments leading up to your wedding.

The total amount owed for our services, excluding the initial £200 deposit, is to be paid in full by this 30-day mark. The deposit serves as your commitment fee to secure our services and your wedding date. Deducting this deposit from the total cost provides the remaining balance that is due before the specified deadline.

Booking our photography services for your wedding is a simple and straightforward process. To secure your date and choose the perfect package for your needs, follow these steps:

  1. Contact Us: Reach out to us through our website’s contact form or use the provided contact details. Feel free to include any initial questions or specific details about your wedding plans.

  2. Provide Wedding Date: Let us know your wedding date to check our availability. This step is crucial in ensuring that we can dedicate our services exclusively to your special day.

  3. Select Your Package: Browse through our photography packages and choose the one that best suits your preferences and requirements. If you have any questions about the packages, we’re here to help guide you.

  4. Confirmation and Deposit: Once we confirm our availability for your wedding date, we’ll guide you through the booking process. A £200 deposit is required to secure our services for your date.

  5. Finalize Details: As your wedding day approaches, we’ll work closely with you to finalize any remaining details, ensuring that we capture all the moments that matter most to you.

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